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>    Profits + Growth  ::  More New Customers  ::  More Repeat Customers

>    No Late Fees  ::  9% - 15% Rates  ::  No FICO Scores or Credit Reports 

>    100% Payout in 4 days

>    Easy to use, Easy to present

>    Free training (sessions available on request)

Profits + Growth     

The unique combination of the features "No Late Fees", "9% - 15% Rates", and "No Fico Scores or Credit Reports" gives merchants a competitive advantage. Competitors using traditional customer financing tools are at a disadvantage. Traditional lenders are restrained by their usage of FICO scores, or destroy client/merchant relationships with abusive rates and penalties. 

​Our features will attract more customers. Our "No Late Fees" feature will retain your customers. Your customers leave happy, SFS Financing keeps them happy. 

Revenue from new customers added to revenue from increased Up-Sales means greater profits. More customers and more revenure means growth.  What will you like to do with that growth? 

No Late Fees

No Late Fees is the revolutionary feature of our system. No other lending system has it, and it has profound impacts. Never will your customers be mad at you for huge late fees.   Late fees charged by other lenders can be truly horrible. They can be 100% and 200% of the original debt. How do you think customers react when that happens? Will they stay happy with you? Will they say good things about you? Will they ever come back? Probably not. 

100% Payout

You get 100% payout in 4 days.  No transaction fees. 

Transaction fees can be huge. How much do you pay in transaction fees annually?   

We charge one-time setup fees to pay for initial setup, training, and marketing materials.  Our one-time setup fee is less than a few months of transaction fees from other lenders.  Overall, our way is less costly.

Easy to use / Easy to present

All customers are treated equally. No FICO aristocracy.  No multiple deals based on FICO scores. Other lenders have many different rates and terms.  Can a merchant feel good presenting so many options to a customer?               Ours fits on a simple sign==>

No paper forms. Uses the internet. Hang a sign with your store's unique QR code, and customers can apply on their smart phone. Clients fill out application without bothering you.  The process takes only minutes.​

{Plug in your own numbers to see how SFS Financing will benefit you}

Example 1

6 bay auto repair shop servicing 400 cars a month, with capacity to do 1200.  Shop gets 35 requests for credit a month, 10 are accepted.

25 credit requests processed/16 accepted

$700 average each

$11,200 added rev./mo.  :: $134,400/yr. 


40 up-sells/mo @ $400 each

$16,000 per month added. 

Total increased revenue

$27,200/mo  ::  $326,400/yr. 

Example 2
2 bay auto repair shop servicing 50 cars a month, with capacity to do 200.  Shop does not offer financing.

30 credit requests processed/22 accepted
$600 average each
$13,200 added rev./mo.  :: $158,400/yr. 
12 up-sells/mo @ $500 each
$6,000 per month added. 
Total increased revenue
$19,200/mo  ::  $230,400/yr

Merchant Benefits of SFS Customer Financing


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