Sunrise Financial Solutions

Auto Repair

​​​You Are Losing Business

62% of Americans cannot afford an emergency auto repairs, and almost all auto repairs are unexpected emergencies. Studies show that the typical repair shop is missing out on 3-6 deals per week. That translates to $8400 to $16,800 per week

A bigger loss, though, is the loss of Upsell Sales. 
25% to 50% of clients that every shop serviced needed more things done to their car. For instance, you replace shocks & struts, but the car also needs new ball joints, or tie rods. Or, you put on new tires, but the car also needs a new radiator because its leaking badly. 

A garage may have 300 to 600 customers per month. That means between 75 and 150 opportunities for upselling those clients on more needed service. At $400 per Upsell Sale, that translates to $30,000 to $60,000 in added monthly revenue!

No Late Fees

No Late Fees is the key feature of SFS Financing enabling the closing of much more business.  No other lender has "No Late Fees". It is the unique and patented feature of our system. 

Other alternative lenders, have huge and abusive late penalties of 50%, 100%, even 200% fees. They try to make it difficult for your customer to ever get out of debt. This results in loss of customers, and fewer return sales. 

WIth SFS Financing, once the scheduled payments are made, the debt is over and complete. It is automatic. 

No FICO scores 

FICO scores and credit reports are never used. In fact, we do not collect a social security number necessary to pull FICO scores and reports. Many customers will refuse even applying for credit because they don't want to be embarrassed by being turned down. We approve most people 

SFS Financing treats your customers with respect. Your customer leaves happy, we keep them happy.  

​​​​​​​​100% Payout

Next to getting deals, Payout is the important issue. 

Traditionally, lenders take a percentage cut of every deal they finance. Normally, 2% to 3%, but it can be as high as 6%. 

Why is that? Isn't the lender making money off of the borrower? Shouldn't the lender appreciate the fact that it was the merchant that brought the borrower to the lender?

SFS Financing does appreciate the merchant. SFS Financing charges NO TRANSACTION FEES to the merchant!  The merchant keeps 100% of what is charged to the customer.

Isn't that how it should be? 


Auto repair mechanics and managers need to know about repairing cars, not finance. SFS Financing is very simple --

No Late Fees, 9% - 15%, 6mo. or 12 mo. term, $3500 limit,  Drivers License & Checking Acct. needed. That is it.

No need to understand different terms and conditions for different FICO score levels. Easy to understand, easy to present.  

75% Approval Rate

Our patented system allows us to have a 75% approval rate, even though most of our customers have less than ideal credit. For merchants, this means we can help you serve the 50% of Americans with bad, poor, and barely good credit. That is a lot of customers. 

Training & Hotline Support 

Our system is simple, however, training is still required to make sure every merchant is comfortable with the system, and ready to process customers. Thirty minutes of training is required before a merchant can start lending. That training is available, for free, whenever the merchant feels the need for it, such as when a new manager or mechanic is hired. 

Hotline Support is available to support the lending process. Questions can arise, and client financial situation may be unusual. A phone call quickly resolves the issue.