A lobby sign with your QR code invites them to get financing with low rates & no penalty fees.  No credit needed, since FICO scores not used. 

100% Payout

Operation Choke Point & Financing 

In March 2013, the Federal Government started Operation Choke Point to reduce fraud and money laundereing. A good thing, but it also had the affect of harming gun dealers, and coin dealers. 

Many small dealers got letters from their banks cancelling their accounts. Normal financing became unavailable. 

Our patented system does not use the credit bureau and FICO based system for establishing credit for customers or a business. Operation Choke Point does not affect us. 

If you are a gun dealer who wants to help your clients buy what they want,when they want it, then call us.      

If you want to use your website to sell to customers in all 50 states, then call us.  

9%-15%, No Late Fees,
No FICO, $3500 limit,
6mo-12mo loans
100% Payout


FICO not used

"No Late Fees" Customer Financing

SFS Customer Financing is a new unique patented customer financing system that attracts more customers, closes more deals, and increases revenue.  With NO LATE FEES, customers stay happy and loyal.  Repeat customers are the best customers. 

FICO-free loans by our patented system have a 75% approval rate for  people to purchase needed services and products.  Merchants and people benefit. .

You can use your QR code in signs, and advertising. When a person applies, you get their name and telephone number. 


​​​Your QR code makes it easy. Your customer uses their smartphone, and they don't bother you. 

Is Your Customer Financing Working?   

Customer financing is a tool to grow your business. If it is not doing that, then you need a better tool. 

1) Low rates to treat your customer right. Ours are 9% or 15%. 

2) 100% payout to treat you right.  Why should a lender charge you, when you are bringing them business?

3) No high penalties to abuse your customer. Most lenders have high penalties and fees when a customer is late on a payment. It is so easy for a good customer to get behind. Most lenders take advantage of this to abuse your customer.  SFS Financing never abuses your customers with late fees - Ever! 

4) No FICO scores or credit reports used - no FICO aristocracy disrespecting your customers. We find that most people with low FICO scores are great customers.  Our No Late Fee policy, proves it. 

5) Easy application and high (75%) acceptance rate to help you close deals and grow your business.  Processing is quick, only minutes, and your customer never has to leave the store. 

6)  New QR code gives you the names and phone numbers of people who apply off of your signs and ads.  Imagine getting names and numbers of new customers from an ad or sign.  Now you can know how effective your advertising is. 


9%-15%, No Late Fees, 

No FICO, $3500 limit, 

6mo-12mo loans

100% Payout .

New Easy QR Code Application Process



$3500 Limit

9% - 15%

Sunrise Financial Solutions

Sunrise Financial Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the growth of your business. Our patented approach creates a Competitive Advantage so you can get more repeat customers. 

Our account management and customer training helps our clients to maximize their usage of customer financing. 


SFS proudly announces QR code application processing for your customers.  The QR code makes it very easy for your customer to apply for financing. 

All you need to do is write up the deal. Takes minutes, and you get 100% payment in 5 days . ​​

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Sunrise Financial Solutions